Risk (A Billionaire Love Story) by Kaelyn Swan




Money Loyalty Danger


Growing up was rough for me, from foster home to foster home, and finally into my own makeshift family of the lost and forgotten. But I had overcome that, determined to give both myself and the ones I cared for a better life. That meant giving up a lot.

1. Never choose love over money.
2. Never take a risk, always keep my head in the game.


Loyalty caused me to take the ultimate risk.
Aidan Price demanded to be in my life.

Aidan Price, a playboy who had never wanted for anything, until he wanted me. I had been burned by love once, and I wasn’t about to be distracted by a man whose bed was a revolving door. But Aidan had other plans. He reminded me, that despite my best efforts, I still had desire raging through me. In the midst of my dangerous past colliding with my successful present, Aidan stirred inside of me a need that I thought I had sacrificed long ago. I had taken a huge risk out of loyalty, could I take another risk for love?


I was born with everything I could want or need at my fingertips. But all of that luxury wasn’t enough to keep me out of trouble. With a purchased education and zero direction in life I buried myself in the pleasures of life. All I needed was a good drink, and a sexy woman in my bed, or two. Happiness was one luxury I didn’t expect to ever experience. I had only one plan for my life.

1. Don’t have a plan.
2. Don’t think about the past.


My determined sister forced me to take some control.
I wanted a woman that I could never live without.

Deborah Klein the first woman to resist my charms, and demand my attention. I wanted more than I had ever wanted any woman, which left my curious and insatiable. But there was much more to Deborah than I could have ever expected. Was she really the woman who had stolen my heart, or was she just a stone cold thief? She made me want to be a better person, but would she ever see me that way if she knew about my past?

*Due to adult themes and sexual content, this book is recommended for mature readers.*




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About Author

Ever wondered what it’s like to be swept up in a sweltering embrace by the man of your dreams? Kaelyn Swan did too, which was why she started writing contemporary romance and sexy new adult romance novels. She’s been writing since she was just a girl with stars in her eyes, and was swept up by the concept of unconditional love she found in the greats, like Wuthering Heights or Pride and Prejudice. Kaelyn lives a quiet life with her delectable fiancé, tucked away along the east coast of Australia, and harbors a passion for romance, rich butter cookies and sinfully creamy cakes – though not all at once!

She sees the best in everyone which is why she loves writing protagonists and flawed antagonists. But when she’s not penning a hunky hero or damsel in not-so-much-distress, she’s reading, baking, researching recipes, walking her golden Labrador, Max, or watching the sunrise with her own special love.

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