A cover reveal is a great way to start the buzz about your new book.  You provide us with the needed materials no later than 4 days prior to the reveal.  I create the sign-up form and reach out to bloggers through various outlets to get participating blogs.  I will then put the cover reveal packet together and send it out to the bloggers at least 3 days in advance of the reveal.
A giveaway can be added onto the reveal as well.  We can run a giveaway to post along with the reveal.  This is completely optional.


We can provide a book blitz if you like.  It will be a one day blast with as many bloggers participating as possible.  This can include a review of your book as well, but is optional.  You will be responsible for providing the materials needed for the blitz as well as an ARC if a review is required.  I will be responsible for getting as many bloggers as I can to participate in the event and will create the banner.  I will then send all materials to the participating bloggers 2-3 days in advance of the event.
If a review is requested along with the blitz I will need the book at least two weeks prior to the event to be sure that the participating bloggers have time to review if they chose to.
A giveaway can also be included, but is optional.


(FIVE DAYS ~ $100 / 10 DAYS ~ $150)


A blog tour will last either 5 or 10 days, excluding weekends.  You will provide me with the materials needed including an ARC of the book.  I will take care of the sign-ups, email distribution of the ARC, organizing of the schedule, creating the tour banner and providing all bloggers with the materials needed for the tour.  I will ask all reviewers that cannot rate your book 3 stars or higher to hold off posting their review until after the tour has ended.
All tour options will be agreed upon with the author.  This can include, author interview, character interview, promo only post, review, excerpt, playlist, 20 fun facts, etc.
All tour stops will be promoted on Facebook and Twitter.   A giveaway can be added to the tour as well, but is optional.

Please Read Prior to booking:

  • Additional services available – just ask
  • I recommend scheduling any service 4-6 weeks in advance. Anything scheduled less than 4 weeks in advance will not be guaranteed. This also depends on my schedule. 
  • Reviews are not guaranteed. All I can guarantee is that the book will be sent to the bloggers. From there, it is in the blogger’s hands. If you would like a spreadsheet list of the blogs the book was sent to, please just ask.
  • Invoice will be sent upon agreement and are to be paid prior to us providing the services requested
  • Authors are responsible for ALL prizes offered for giveaways.
  • Any and all packages can be changed to suit the author’s needs
  • The authors with the greatest success rate during a tour are those that make themselves available during the tour dates. Commenting on the blogs and answering readers questions is highly recommended.




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