Are you an author looking for a personal assistant?  While we can provide those services, we can also help you find your match.  Below you will find some information about PAs and the process we have designed.  To date, we’ve successfully matched more than 70 authors with their assistants.

The responsibilities of the PA are, but not limited to the following:

1.  Update Facebook page and Twitter account with teasers, sales, and other promotional items related to the author’s work. (All teasers and other promotional graphics will be provided by the author. Any other graphics must be approved by the author before posting.)

2.  Maintain calendar for the author (blog takeovers, promotional events, and other miscellaneous items).

3.  Keep track of giveaways. PA will be responsible for sending out and/or gifting copies of author’s ebook(s) to winners of any giveaways he or she has donated to. PA will also be responsible for tracking addresses of winners of swag items, such as bookmarks, etc. and deliver a spreadsheet of this information to the author once a week.

4.  Answer questions from fans as reasonable, regarding future releases, promotional events, signings, etc. or forward inquiry to the author for a response.

5.  Assist author in organizing tasks for her street team, including sharing posts made on the author’s FB fan page with the street team for them to share on FB and Twitter.

6.  Other tasks as may be necessary.

This is an unpaid, volunteer position for the time being, with the understanding if the books take off it could turn into a paid position. You will have access to the author’s works and other swag items, including signed paperbacks, at no cost to you in exchange for your help.

The PA will not disclose to others or use, whether directly or indirectly, any confidential and/or personal information about the author, including information and manuscripts of unreleased projects, for his/her own benefit or for any other purpose.

Being that this is an unpaid position, most of the people applying for it are not professional PAs, but people who love to read, love FB and want to help promote an author.  Some of them are bloggers, have full-time jobs or have other responsibilities.  That is why it’s important to find out from you what exactly you are looking for.

I keep your identity anonymous until the time comes when you select someone from the list that I send you that you are interested in.  Then I reveal you to the candidate.  It is very important that they have read your book.  The last thing you would want is someone who helps promote your book to not have liked it.  When I talk with a candidate about you I ask if they have read your book yet.  If not, I ask that you send a copy of your book to the candidate.  We want this to be as close to a perfect match as possible and how they feel about your work will help us get there.  I also ask that everyone involved be completely honest with me.

Price:  $75

*We cannot guarantee that every match will work out.  It is for this reason that if within the first 30 days of the match, if the candidate is not working out, I will find you another person free of charge.  However, after the 30 days are over, if you decided the person is not working out and want my help again, I require an additional payment of $75.

**If for any reason we are unable to find a match for you, a partial refund will be sent based on work completed.


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