* FB/Website/Blog Management

* ARC/Book review management

* Organizing contests including contacting winners and mailing prizes

* Mailing of promotional items

* Street Team Organization

* Managing blog stops, guest spots, interviews, etc.

* FB Group creation

* FB Author/Fan Page creation

*FB contests

* Graphic Teaser Designs

* Organize beta readers

*Individual messaging and promotion of all of your work to any and all blogs

*Introducing a select group of authors willing to assist you with trading back matter

*I do offer simple website/blog creation. I am not a website designer but I am able to set up a simple site to display your book/author information.

** Feel free to request additional services, we are willing to personalize to meet your needs


SOCIAL BLITZ ~ 4 Hours $100

**Individual messaging and promotion of all of your work, new releases or sales to any and all blogs**


*Due to every author’s individual needs, please contact us and we will arrange a quote for you
* Invoicing is sent at the beginning of the month prior to service being provided.  If the agreed services/hours are exceeded, the author will be notified before any additional work is performed.

**If requesting full time PR we would love to read your book before approval.  We do this so that we are able to make sure we would be a good fit to properly promote your work.**

Please Read Prior to booking:

  • Additional services available – just ask
  • I recommend scheduling any service 4-6 weeks in advance. Anything scheduled less than 4 weeks in advance will not be guaranteed. This also depends on my schedule. 
  • Reviews are not guaranteed. All I can guarantee is that the book will be sent to the bloggers. From there, it is in the blogger’s hands. If you would like a spreadsheet list of the blogs the book was sent to, please just ask.
  • Invoice will be sent upon agreement and are to be paid prior to us providing the services requested
  • Authors are responsible for ALL prizes offered for giveaways.
  • Any and all packages can be changed to suit the author’s needs
  • The authors with the greatest success rate during a tour are those that make themselves available during the tour dates. Commenting on the blogs and answering readers questions is highly recommended.

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