“Shannon Hunt hosted a Promotional release day blitz for my newest release, Collin (A Forever Novel). She handled it with care and sure everything was taken care of. I normally don’t do these types of things for my books, but Shannon is such an amazing and hard-working person that I will be going to her for all my future releases. I can’t say enough good things about her and the whole experience. She’s A Must!” ~ Sandi Lynn, author of A Forever Trilogy, A Millionaire’s Love Series, Love Series, Remember Series

“Shannon Hunt hosted my first ever blog tour with the release of my book Hawk. I was thrilled with the results and how great she was to work with. I’ll be looking her up for my next release!” ~ Patricia A. Rasey, author of the Sons of Sangue Series

“I can’t shout enough praises about Shannon hosting my recent book’s blog tour. She went out of her way to ensure my tour had above and beyond blog participants, sending me a spreadsheet of all the blogs that had signed up, as well as updating it and notifying me when a new one was added. Once the tour began, she sent me a daily itinerary of the daily blog stops, and where I could find reviews from blogs participating in that aspect of the tour. She also stayed on top of blogs that weren’t holding up their end of participation, since that is the point of signing up for the tour and receiving an ARC from the author. Not only is she extremely passionate in representing the author she is promoting, but also is a big advocate for anti-piracy, and if suspecting a blog is only on the tour for free books, she removes them from any future tours. Shannon runs a phenomenal blog tour. I can’t emphasize that enough. Not only is she a fabulous host, but I trust her implicitly, and with the word spreading like wildfire about her tour services, I can only hope that for my next tours she’s not booked solid!” ~ Ren Alexander, author of The Wild Sparks Series

What can I say about Once upon an Alpha? Very helpful, courteous and efficient. I feel very fortunate to have met the blog owner just as my series was being released. She went above and beyond to support the promotion of my books, by reading, facilitating takeovers with me and canvassing other bloggers to help get the word out there about my books. I was fortunate that she enjoyed my work and made a fan based trailer for the series. Following this she ran the promotional tour for Love With Every Beat and again, this was supported with constant communication and checking in to ensure that things were happening in the way that they should. As an independent author, blogs such as this one are incredibly valuable resources. Once again, she read and has further supported the book by making yet another fan based trailer. (They are wonderful check them out). This blogger is a fabulous networker and is respected within the blogging community. Time and again, she has been there at a moments notice for me to pick her brains or to help with some aspect of promotion I am not familiar with. In my view she is awesome. ~ K.L. Shandwick, author of Everything Trilogy & Love with Every Beat


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